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A vacation to the Officine Panerai Manufacture In Neuch芒telPanerai ManufactureA month or so ago, i was invited to see the Officine Panerai Manufacture in Neuch芒tel. This manufacture was opened in 2014, however only few media are actually invited to have a look in the actual production facility. Officine Panerai includes a total of 600 employees all over the world, which often 260 are located in this new manufacture in Neuch芒tel. The Panerai Manufacture is a large building, offering 10.000 square meters for the manufacturing of numerous their in-house developed calibers.AmazedBefore I continue my visitor's report of the Panerai Manufacture, I have to admit i always would have been a bit sceptic in the beginning. Sure, Officine Panerai has been making in-house movements since 2005. But for me, around my perception no less than, a Panerai is especially about aesthetics, which is not a bad thing as such. I'd some Panerai replica watches myself and loved them (however, you understand how it goes, sometimes you trade a number of replica watches), moreover their quality. I didnt realize simply how much Panerai puts into testing their replica watches to the extreme, until I visited Neuch芒tel recently.In-House Panerai CalibersSince Panerai started to develop their very own in-house movements (since 2005), they created 25 different calibers. These caliber families (P100x, P200X, P300x, P400X, P500X, P9x0X) contain hand-wound and self-winding movements, some with simply a little change or different complication. However, still, it is extremely impressive to allow them to have 25 in-house calibers, besides the movements they still use from alternative suppliers (including ETA/Unitas). Although being a sports watch in your mind, their movements vary from time-only to complications such as a regatta timer or tourbillon.Its not all in-house movements are developed around this new Panerai Manufacture, but calibers P.2002, P .2003, P.2004, P4002 and P3000 are for example stated in Neuch芒tel.Laboratorio di IdeeAfter receiving an introduction to Officine Panerai's historical background and a worldwide introduction, we started our tour over the Panerai Manufacture. The first stop was the department where concepts are increasingly being created and turned into a prototype, the R&D department or Laboratorio di Idee (workshop of ideas).That has a group of approximately 45 persons, this department undergoes the next steps:ConceptDesignModellingPrototyping of componentsPrototyping from the watchTest activities (60-80 tests)Production DesignProductionNot all steps will be executed with that department, however are initiated beyond this concept. It is deemed an interesting department, as it includes plenty of major steps in enhancing a watch. One of several coolest aspects - i think - was the research for first time materials, including experiments and running tests fake watches . Panerai showed us several prototypes crafted from various materials, issues that never went into production and issues that were paid by a cloth that will likely begin to see the stage at SIHH in 2017.No Marketing On Performance And QualityAs I wrote above, the truth that Officine Panerai puts plenty of effort in putting their replica watches to your extreme with test activities surprised me. I wondered why they just don't actively use this with regard to their advertising / marketing campaigns. For example, Panerai performs tests on shock resistance, drop test, anti-magnetism, water resistance, fogging and naturally accuracy. A considerable amount of rugged tests (60-80!) that may stop disclosed here. After questioning why they just don't make use of this as 'selling point', they said that toughness for their replica watches is certainly important, but it's something customers should depend on. Not something to spell out in advertisements. Right after whether I'd personally consent to this, because i feel it is very important people to actually show why your replica watches are quality timepieces. However, it had been best to identify that Panerai takes the reliability and accuracy of these replica watches dead serious watches hot . We had been all quite surprised - within a smart way - to determine that they put a lot effort into that.ProductionThe production facility from the movements happens on the floor floor in the Panerai Manufacture. About 800 square meters are available to high-tech machines that take rock and switch them in a movement plate, bridge as well as other components. The movement plates are created from a copper zinc alloy and extend to Sixty minutes per piece. No pictures were allowed, as some of these machines were especially developed for the Panerai Manufacture in Neuch芒tel. A pity, but alternatively, they did show everything to us to make certain how serious they take their manufacturing process.Finishing By MachinesAnother interesting activity we were shown from the Panerai Manufacture was the finishing of movements, produced by machines. A machine, developed as well as a university in your community, has the capacity to apply satin finishing to your Panerai movements that happen to be being manufactured about this location. A batch of movements has been moved over very fine 'sand paper' to use the satin finish. Another machine looked after applying perlage finish to your movements. 24 movements at that time! Normally, from what I have seen at other manufactures, there may be more manual work involved by staff. I am not entirely sure generate an income experience this, because i much like the undeniable fact that people actually work on the finishing on the movement, instead of machines. Alternatively, if Panerai has the capacity to keep their prices cost effective for a properly finished mechanical movement, it does sound right.Assembly and Quality ControlAnother department, using a different floor montblanc sport chronograph watches , was that regarding the assembly of the replica watches as well as the qc. Very impressive was the larger juke-box like equipment that puts the movements a number of different tests, to simulate actual wearing also to monitor the precision of which.The assembly takes place by skilled staff, which will take care that many part is at top condition and working order. After movements are cased, dial and hands are added etc, the replica watches are checked again for water proofing one example is. All Panerai replica watches should have a water proof 25% above the officially declared limits, coming from a minimum of 3 bar with a more 250 bar with regards to certain Submersible models.At later stage, straps or bracelets are attached to the Panerai replica watches and checked yet again for imperfections. When an imperfection is encountered, replica watches are being send into the production process.After SalesWe also paid a brief trip to the after sales department. An organization of watchmakers handle the replica watches from clients. As these replica watches aren't owned by Panerai, the safety measurements regarding these replica watches was very good. Closed moveable cupboard with electronic tresses are moved in to a larger locked environment, safe guarded by other security measurements (like personnel doing the lock-ups every end of day). In order to be sure nothing occurs to the replica watches in their clients.Vintage replica watches can be serviced and restored in this particular department. Depending on the parts needed, normally it takes a while, but all things are being done and keep the watch authentic and original. It had been an amazing short visit, especially to view how seriously they placed their heritage pieces.Haute HorlogerieThe last department we visited during our tour would be the one that takes care of Panerai's haute horlogerie pieces. You may already know, Panerai also created replica watches which has a tourbillon or minute repeater movement one example is. Still from the form of the Panerai diving / military watch, but with a fantastic movement.Again, no pictures may be taken, as some movements and replica watches were either to not have a look at to the public (yet). However, the eagerness for high-end watchmaking was definitely something we will sense of these professional and trained workers. Gurus with regards to the 'typical' customer of those high-end pieces from Panerai, whether a customer because of their minute repeater is just a fortunate Panerai collector or whether it is someone who collects minute repeaters or tourbillons from all of sorts of brands. So far as our guide could reveal, it is a bit of both, however, if you are looking at once repeater attempting to looks like it's a clear case of desire for this excellent complication.Some ThoughtsTo me, Panerai is a brand that induce replica watches that ought to be within a certain framework. You have the Luminor, Radiomir and also the Submersible. Today we have the Due timepiece, the more dressy version of the Luminor. They are simply the appliances Panerai must help. It is impressive how Panerai can still surprise us with new mixers offer something special and unique, without losing touch together with the design code and 'core values' of the trademark. Previously being towards the manufacture in Neuch芒tel, I can declare that my respect and interest for Panerai only further increased. The level of craftsmanship, engineering and eye for detail is amazing. Even though some of the typical watchmaking skills regarding finishing are actually adopted by cleverly engineered machines, I could only applaud this for the sake of being less expensive and keeping quality standards high. The high-end movements are nevertheless finished yourself, needless to say.What leaves us a bit puzzled is why Panerai isn't more open and clear relating to (high) level of engineering, test work and quality controls. It would be this interesting subject with regard to their marketing and advertisement campaigns, yet they elect to focus read more about their (navy) heritage. I am not saying a marketeer so what must i know, except for everyone a brandname posseses an advantage whenever they can show me why their replica watches should be good. Perhaps this is the German in me.More details via Panerai on-line.