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The Telangana MeeSeva Federation (TGMF) is an association of Authorized MeeSeva Franchisees of Telangana State, registered in the year 2016, vide Registration No 336/2016, under the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act 35 of 2001), adapted by Government of Telangana vide Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, (Telangana Adaption) Order, 2014.

The association was initially named as Telangana MeeSeva Franchise Owner's Welfare Association (TMFOWA). Later it has been renamed to Telangana MeeSeva Federation (TGMF).

The Telangana MeeSeva Federation (TGMF) has its registered office at #14-31 Kodandaram Nagar, P&T Colony, Dilsukhnagar, Saroornagar, Ranga Reddy District - 500 060, Telangana | India.

Objectives of TGMF

  • To co-operate and work with the government in providing MeeSeva services to citizens in best way
  • To work for the welfare of MeeSeva Franchisees
  • To bring issues of franchisees & citizens before the government and work for resolution of the same

Our Team

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Our Achievements

Since the beginning of formation of the association, under the leadership of the President, Telangana MeeSeva Federation, Mr Baira Shankar, the panel members of the association worked hard in resolving major issues.

SCA Changes

Exit of SCAs RamInfo, HCL, CMS, Sreeven

As franshisees of RamInfo, HCL, Sreeven, CMS, TSOnline(CSC) faced difficuties due to issues like non payment of commissions in time, allotment of new centers illegally without permission from ESD, transfer or sale of franchise login to unauthorized third parties againt ESD Rules, etc by their SCAs, Telangana MeeSeva Federation has brought those issues before the Commissioner, ESD(MeeSeva), and convinced the government for takeover of meeseva franchise centers working under those SCAs, i.e, RamInfo, HCL, Sreeven, CMS, TSOnline(CSC) by Telangana State Technology Services (TSTS), which is owned by the Government of Telangana.

Disbursement of long pending Commissions & Security Deposits

by RamInfo, HCL, CMS, Sreeven

With kind co-operation of the Commissioner, ESD(MeeSeva), Sri G.T.Venkateshwar Rao sir, Telangana MeeSeva Federation has made RamInfo, HCL, Sreeven & CMS SCAs to return the security deposits and clear long pending dues payable to the franchisees during SCA takeover process.

Name Changes & Address Changes Issues

During Franchise takeover process by TSTS SCA

During the takeover process of franchise centers of RamInfo, Sreeven, HCL, CMS & TSOnline(CSC), under TSTS SCA, in 2016, issues of transfer of ownership of meeseva and change in address of meeseva center were observed due to which takeover of such franchises were objected by TSTS as it was against ESD Rules, due to which owners of such franchises suffered mentally and financially.

Telangana MeeSeva Federation has put lot of efforts in resolving such issues by convincing the Government to allow for takeover of meeseva franchise centers with name change & address change issues under one time settlement and also to give provision for change of ownership or address change of meeseva center under special conditions.

Increase in Commissions & Addition of Scanning Charges

For the first time since launch in 2011

Despite submission of several representations from other associations (prior to formation of TGMF), commissions for services done by meeseva franchisees were not increased since the launch of MeeSeva in 2011.

Detailed representations were submitted by Telangana MeeSeva Federation to the Chief Minister, Minister, Secretary, ITE&C Department & Commissioner, ESD(MeeSeva), Government of Telangana, to fix commissions keeping in view of time, manpower, maintenance of infrastructure & expenses of the center. Based on those representions franchise commissions were increased for the first time since the launch of MeeSeva in 2011 and scanning charges were also introduced.

Taking suggestions of TGMF, MeeSeva Association of Andhra Pradesh has also submitted representations for increase of commissions to their Government, based on which, commissions were increased and scanning charges were also introduced even in Andhra Pradesh.

Reduction of Security Deposits

MeeSeva Franchise Security Deposits

Telangana MeeSeva Federation has requested Commissioner, ESD(MeeSeva), Sri G.T.Venkateshwar Rao sir, to waive off Security Deposits and yearly renewal fee for MeeSeva franchise renewals.

Considering the request of TGMF and keeping in view of the departmental expenses, Commissioner, ESD(MeeSeva), Sri G.T.Venkateshwar Rao sir, has reduced the Security Deposit amount and yearly renewal fee for MeeSeva franchise renewals.

Physical Copy Submission Issue

by MROs

Though it is against the principles of eGovernance and ESD Rules, 2011, the Tahsildars have been threatening and insisting meeseva franchisees to submit copies of all applications physically at their concerned mandal offices and rejecting applications in case of non-submission of the same causing difficulties to franchisees and citizens.

Despite submission of several representations ESD(MeeSeva) & CCLA Department, Tahsildars have been insisting for the same due to which Telangana MeeSeva Federation has approached the Hon'ble High Court for the State of Telangana and succeeded in getting orders from the Hon'ble Court wherein orders were to all Tahsildars of Telangana State, to not to insist for submission of physical copies of meeseva applications either by the franchisees or by the citizens

Insurance to MeeSeva Franchisees

Death Insurance for Rs 5 Lakhs

As the income of the meeseva franchisees is nominal and are not in a position to afford for private insurance plans or do savings, etc., Telangana MeeSeva Federation has requested the Government to consider the need for formation of MeeSeva Franchise Welfare Board deducting some amount on each transaction done by the franchisees and to implements social welfare schemes like health insurance, life insurance, etc to meeseva franchisees.

As the request for formation of Welfare Board requires funds and puts additional burden on the Department, and keeping in veiw of requests from other associations, the Government has agreed to provide death Insurance for an amount of Rs 5 Lakhs in MeeSeva Franchisees.